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Together with our partners, the Naturis team offers years of experience in the food sector. Innovation and entrepreneurship in solving problems for our customers. Taking away your headaches is a key part of our ethos around the business. We look to foster flexible business relationships focused on supporting the growth of both suppliers and customers alike.



Food is Life. Food has the power to transport and comfort and, most importantly, to excite. ​The food industry has changed dramatically over the years and continues to rapidly evolve. IFF pride themselves in providing our customers with the most relevant and market-leading food innovation.​

Consumers today are looking for healthier food options and want to feel good about the products they eat. IFF offers innovative ingredients and differentiating solutions that both delight consumers all over the world and meet their demands for “better for you” products.​

With an increased focus on sustainable, healthy and ethical food choices, more consumers are choosing to include plant-based protein in their diet. IFF remain a market leader in meat-alternative products and high quality proteins.



As an Independent, Family owned and Managed Company Group, JRS has a reliable Development Strategy Based on Sustainability and Partnership.​

A spirit of inventiveness and close customer relations has shaped JRS for more than 140 years. What began in 1878 with the acquisition of an oil and grain mill has developed into one of the world's leading groups of companies involved in organic fibres.​

While their headquarters are firmly rooted in the countryside of Swabia in Germany, their mentality and activities are fully internationally oriented.​

GoodMills Innovation

GoodMills Innovation

When it comes to trends, GMI are ahead of the game. From the most traditional breads and rolls to the finest patisserie, their baking ingredients guarantee naturalness, optimum baking performance, the highest quality and – above all – the best taste. More recently they have launched a line of proteins to supplement their bakery range and bring a taste of Germany to the UK.

Their raw materials bring clear advantages for processing and employee health too. For example, our innovative low-dust release flours not only enhance production, but they significantly reduce the risk of baker’s asthma, too.​



With over 150 years experience in the dietary supplements, food and beverage industry BASF have developed a premium product range of food performance ingredients such as aerating emulsifiers, enzymes and whipping agents as well as health ingredients and colorants for the food industry.​

They extend their portfolio with forward-looking products, formulations and concepts based on global trends and regional specifications.​ Meeting the highest regulatory and quality requirements with their products they support customers and partners with technical application services and product developments as well as tailor-made training in their Application Labs which can be made available to Naturis Customers.



Baking is a delicate process, a fine balance to achieve perfection. An excellent product must be more than just good. It has to satisfy numerous requirements, ranging from consistency to storage.​

Our MILLBO range aims to tackle every challenge that the baking world presents. Constant research and great passion for quality are the two levers that have always pushed them as a supplier.​

Nowadays, more and more consumers want natural products, paying growing attention towards nutrition. Reading the label has become an everyday activity, keeping an eye on ingredients all the time. ​

Millbo provide E-free (Clean Label, no E-numbers) products, so that all our customers can be E-free too. Being E-free offers natural answers to all the needs of industrial baking, ensuring a label “free” from long lists of additives. ​



In 1867, Herman Buisman discovered how caramelised sugar can strengthen the flavour of coffee. It inspired his successors to continuously strive to find new ways to strengthen the signature of a growing number of different food products through innovation and dedication.​

The naturally caramelised sugar products of RoyalBuisman strengthen the signature of – among others – coffee, bread, pastry and cocoa-based products. Our range of ingredients improve flavour, colour and texture without gluten, acrylamide or E numbers being added.



GreenField is a stable and independent producer of niche and fully natural ingredients for food industry, cosmetics and animal feed or pet food. There are five main groups of products in our portfolio: dried fruit seeds, dietary fibres, cold pressed oils, dried pomaces and dried fruit powders.

Offering conventional ingredients our Greenfield range can also provide certified Kosher and Halal natural ingredients upon request.​ The products are dedicated for international manufacturers looking for clean label ingredients and new solutions for their innovative recipes. ​

Most of the range of innovative ingredients come from fruits and vegetables of Polish origin. Poland remains one of the world’s largest suppliers of good quality raspberries, blackcurrants, Aronia, blueberries, apples, strawberries, elderberries globally.

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