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Our business is to recognise, identify, and anticipate industry trends to deliver the highest-quality food ingredients to customers. We pride ourselves in providing the top-notch solutions, selections and service that keep your business running. We succeed, when you do!

Plant based

Plant Based Proteins

At ACI Naturis we draw on the expertise of the worlds leading supplier to offer soya protein. Through the provision of protein crispies our customers can add protein content in to cereal and nutrition bars as well as a range of other snacks. Our culinary textured vegetable proteins and wider product range opens up further possibilities to our customers and our products can be used in applications such as:

Cereal Bars​
Diet Drinks​
Protein Shakes​
Ready Meals​



Supplementing our modern diet with additional fibres is something that we here at Naturis are ideally positioned to achieve. Being able to have nutritional claims on the end product can be tricky, but with help from Naturis we can steer your development in the best direction. We have access to solutions that can fulfil your formulation requirements in many ways​.

Drawing on the global expertise of such companies as JRS who can supply nutritional fibre and hydrocolloidal systems​. We also work with partners such as Greenfields who can supply fibres with great provenance such as cocoa, apple and other species defined ranges.

Syenvo Solutions


Through Synevo Solutions, Naturis offers consultancy and management of end-to-end New Product Development in a variety of food sectors for a variety of applications including:​

Sugar Reduction​
Fat Reduction​
Sensorial Improvement​
Shelf-life Extension​
Nutritional Improvement​

Our team is capable of supporting clients at every stage of the development process, from concept to commercial production and short-term management of supply chain and logistics. So whether you have an idea for a new product extension, are looking for a specific blend or are in the phase of developing a new line extension, we can assure you that our expertise and dedication will support you in your journey to launching your next great product.​​

Value Added Ingredients

Value Added Ingredients

We offer a number of value added ingredients to our customers from emulsifiers and stabilisers, which maintain a uniformed texture and prevent the separation of essential ingredients in food products,​ to whipping and aerating agents.

Bakeries across the UK can benefit from our wide range of high quality crumb softeners. Our extensive range gives bakers choice, depending on their requirements. We also offer a wide option of shelf life extenders and natural mould inhibitors to minimize mould contamination and prevent mould growth. Our range of natural colours and flavours can be added to a number of applications including breads and beverages.

Finally we are especially proud of the GMI TIP-TOP range. A range of low-dust release flours based on wheat and rye are fantastic all-rounders. For large-scale production or processing by hand – their special granulation provides an enormous separating effect , so adhering dough residues are a thing of the past. As they are particularly low in dust, the risk of baker’s asthma is significantly decreased.

Baking Solutions

Bakery Solutions

Today’s bakery market is heavily focussed on nutrition and ‘Good for You’ products​. We at Naturis have partnered with some of Europe’s most innovative bakery suppliers bringing knowledge and taste from the German and Italian markets to the UK. With a range which includes sourdoughs, wheat grain and sprouted grains our product range is extensive and delicious enabling our customers to extend out their bakery portfolio to meet the high demands of consumers looking for a European ‘artisan’ flavour and the benefits of natural and healthy products.

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