Bakery flour dust: a dangerous past but there’s hope

The British Baker magazine published a detailed editorial last month, covering an issue that has often escaped open discussion: the hazards of continuous exposure to airborne bakery flour dust. The article, titled “Dust: a danger that can’t be ignored” detailed how dust from flour and grains in bakeries can be the source of long-term and life-threatening problems for employees constantly engaged and working in such an environment. The article also adds perspective from the point of view of HSE, specifically mentioning how occupational hazard mitigation is very important for bakeries and how the HSE ‘mindset’ of prevention is fundamental in improving the working conditions of bakeries across the UK.

Specific to product-based solutions, the British Baker magazine highlights how TIP-TOP, an innovative low-dust release flour from Goodmills, can be used to reduce dust exposure in bakeries and ensure a healthy and safe working environment for bakery employees. Needless to say, the onus for this is on every responsible bakery working in the country.

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